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The advantages of this way to practice and learn are that to talk is by itself something interesting, not boring and very enriching, because it is totally communicative and you can decide with whom and how much people you want to talk. You can decide from where, and you even can find people with your same interests or people pretty strange or different, and learn about it.
But as I said, first it is necessary to have something to go outside and face successfully you with Spanish. I think the start of this base should be something like important and basic greetings and some important phrases like how to make questions, how to express agreement, how to explain yourself what things you think and want, even if you don’t have a very complex vocabulary for make more complete expressions.
Let’s make one example. You want to practice your Spanish. You’ve told to your friend that you want he talks with more slang that you are going to try to understand, because you want to learn it. So, now, you and your friend are talking about music. It is very probably that if your native friend could reply your with this sentence.
- You.- A mi me gusta mucho este grupo de música
- Your friend.- Sí, ese grupo de música me late mucho, tocan muy chido, ¿no?

You maybe will don’t know what does it means me late. Or also “chido”. But anyway, you can understand that his reaction was positive about your likes of this group. So, what you just have to do now is to ask him: Hey, ¿Qué significa chido…?”, o, ¿Qué significa me late”?
And then, him as specialized Spanish dictionary will explain you it, and how you have to use it.

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